2017 Executive Director’s Address

Since accepting the role as the Executive Director, I have had a laser-like focus on securing the rich legacy that this chapter is founded upon. The 100 Chapter in Memphis has a history that is respected by our colleagues around the world and it has been my honor and privilege to carry the torch. So, what have we accomplished over the last year? I am glad you asked!

Over the last year, our quarterly meetings have been established as working receptions where existing members of the 100 gather together to connect and strategize around the important issues in our community.

From those meetings, we reconnected the body to its financial responsibility and encouraged the members to serve their communities in many ways. The 100’s signature mentoring program is an effective, evidenced-based and strategic intervention that helps youth reach their full potential and become contributing members of society. Through our on-line training modules, the men of the 100 enhance their skills on how to provide effective practices to promote mentoring. Over summer 2016, our chapter President Ron Redwing and I lead workshop sessions at the 1st Manhood University, a city-sponsored event focused on supporting the men of this community. This partnership with the Memphis mayor’s office . . . president Redwing and I provided real life guidance during three work sessions aimed at capacity building for the attendees.

Additionally, the mentoring efforts extend into our charter school, the Memphis Academy of Health Sciences, where we actively mentor over 175 young men and women. Our mentoring efforts focus on social skills, self-esteem, cultural awareness as well as financial literacy. One of the major benefits from this effort is the sponsoring of the students from MAHS to attend the national 100 Black Men conference in Atlanta in June this past year.

This past year has been encouraging, as we kicked off 2016 with the 100 Black Tie Gala, a huge fundraising benefit to underwrite the mentoring efforts and the operations of our charter school. The 100 recognized like-minded persons from the Memphis Community who joined us in our efforts of high-quality education for all children no matter on where they lived. It was a HUGE success and generated financial support that paid for 150 young people MAHS to take the ACT exam and covered the costs for 75% of the instructor’s time of these young people. We have seen a 35% increase in scores due directly to this investment!

Lastly, the local chapter recognizes that where there is no vision, the people perish. We have been committed to the emotional and spiritual growth of this community and through our partnerships
childrenandwith local religious bodies, we participated in serving nearly 200 families during the Thanksgiving season. Our organization provided nearly 50 Christmas boxes for families in need and participated in a celebration that provided toys for families and children as well.

In keeping with our national office, our Memphis chapter seeks to address systemic issues and bridges opportunity gaps for African American youth. We create environmchildren andtheir families are inspired to dream, challenged to achieve and empowered to be economic stakeholders. The Memphis Chapter continues to look forward to 2017. Thank you for allowing me to serve.

Corey D. Johnson

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